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Bruny Island | South Tasmania

Creatives tend to have a vision in what they want for their wedding day (well life really), and let me tell you when you put creatives in the driving seat for a three day celebration of love with their closest family and friends its sure to be a determined vision!

I met Lewa in Tassie on my reconnaissance mission a couple of months before the wedding and I’m so glad I did. I laid everything on the table, our vision, why we wanted a video and what had lead us in the past 6 years to our wedding day in April. She got it, from that very minute. She understood us, our vision and our love for each other and our family and friends and managed to make it into the most amazing video of not only our day but our story. We have lost count the times we have watched it already and it brings tears to our eyes every time.

Lewa and her team worked with us to make our video everything we had dreamed of and more. From the arial shots, the loving glances and the on point sound grabs our video will always hold and special place in our hearts reminding us of our wedding day on Bruny and also our love up to that point.

- Kim

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