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Our films are heavily place-based and we acknowledge the traditional custodians of the lands on which we film on. We pay our respects to both the lutruwita / Tasmanian and all Aboriginal and Torres Strait people, and their Elders past, present and emerging. 


We are known for our authentic and cinematic way of story-telling. We create impactful and meaningful films through visuals, sounds and colours to keep our films interesting from start to finish. We create an immersive experience and often hear how people are touched by watching our films without having known the couple. Good wedding films tell the story, but it really comes down to this: Great wedding films create an experience.

Our way of filming is relaxed. We love to get to know how you want to feel on your wedding day because this is as important as knowing about all the "things".


Having gone through the experience of getting married, we know its important seeing each other for the first time; the joy and love from those closest; the intimacy in epic locations, and the comfort in being in each others presence. We film your wedding as if we were in your shoes and make sure that it captures all things important to you.

We are based in Hobart, but travel anywhere.

Hi, I'm Lewa.

I believe wholeheartedly in human potential and try to uncover that in my creativity.


When I started The Love Lab back in 2013, I made a promise to create something different: Storytelling that dips below the surface and celebrates the essence of who you are.

I am both scientist and filmmaker and love connecting with people. I enjoy the technical challenges and pushing creative boundaries. I want each one of my films to truly represent you; what you value and stand for. I also want you to feel completely relaxed and at ease so you can focus on celebrating all the joy and love.  It’s very much about the experience and the feeling as much as it is about the process.

Born in Germany and raised in Tasmania, my love of film making has taken me to far flung places from the Pacific Islands to the Middle East to the Americas. I delved into the film and television industry in Sydney, working with the likes of Foxtel, ABC and Channel 7. But it would be Tasmania that called me home – an island where The Love Lab and marine science blend seamlessly.

It is here that I meet loved up couples who have traveled the globe – lured by Tasmania’s raw and wild personality. Their love story rolls out across a landscape bathed in nature’s drama. Ask me about intimate island corners or guide me to your secret place. Our journey travels through face-to-face meetings, emails, run-sheet planning and project management. It’s then all wrapped up in your own meaningful wedding film.


Love is creation. It is embracing growth; leaning into life with unwavering enthusiasm, grace, courage and with quiet confidence.

- Lewa's wedding vows 10.11.2017


Lewa | Creative Director, Primary Cinematographer and Editor


Chris | Admin, Logistics and Assistant Editor

Hi, I'm Chris.

My grandparents came to Tasmania after gulags, famine and a World War. It was hope that drove them, and love that sustained them. They were ordinary people living extraordinary lives in extraordinary times. As a kid, I was fascinated. Their journey here seemed straight out of a movie. I wondered, "What would their story be like on film?" This is what motivates me to listen and tell people's stories. 

Everyone has a unique and powerful voice and film can be used to shine a light on it. I see weddings as a perfect opportunity to do this - not only does it capture one of the most important days in your life, it's something that also reminds you of where you came from and what is important to you.


My role at The Love Lab is to make sure that everything runs smoothly for your wedding. You'll also see me around on the day organising gear and logistics to make things a little easier for my wife (I also force feed her protein bars and make sure she's hydrated - she's so great at her job, she'll forget about her bodily existence!)

What I love about filming weddings is meeting amazing people. I also get to explore mysterious and wonderful places in Tasmania – caves, forests, mountains, waterfalls, beaches. It has inspired my wonder for nature and makes me feel lucky that we get to film couples against the epic backdrop of Tasmania’s wilderness.

Love is knowing that we are connected to our own true self and when we top ourselves up with love, only then we can pour love into the hearts of others.

- Chris's wedding vows 10.11.2017



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We have admired the amazing work of Lewa and The Love Lab team for many years, so when it was our turn to plan our wedding, we knew she was the perfect person to capture our wedding day.

We had high expectations from the beginning, but we were absolutely blown away by the final product! Not only did Lewa capture the story of our wedding day, she has highlighted the essence of our relationship and our love for one another in the most visually beautiful film.

We will treasure our incredible wedding film for the rest of our lives, and these memories are absolutely priceless. We cannot thank you enough!

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My wife and I have nothing but high praises for the amazing works of Lewa and The Love Lab team. Getting married during the pandemic made it impossible for us to celebrate our union with family and friends, that’s why we’ve decided to prioritise and invest in engaging a top-notch video production team that is capable of capturing the very significance of our special day.

We’ve come across many potential videographers but none can quite compare to how Lewa tells a story and creates video magic. When we visited her website and watched her previous works we’re instantly convinced. Lewa is very dedicated to her craft. She took time to research and know us personally to understand our love story. She and her team also took the initiative to study the wedding venue before the event date.


She made us feel confident that every element of our wedding is covered and that no detail was left out. And as expected, when we finally get to watch the end product, both my wife and I were in tears. We really LOVE the outcome of our wedding video. Every shot was epic and our story was very well told. Having Lewa and The Love Lab team is the best decision we’ve made. We can’t recommend them highly enough. Perfect rating for capturing our love story in amazing motion!

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We didn't realise how much had changed in the world of videography! When we decided to elope we knew we needed a celebrant who would honour us and our commitment - thank you Merren. We also knew we wanted a photographer to capture the big moments, the tiny details and all the bits in between, especially the light - thank you Nina. Little did we realise the magic of the Love Lab and their unique ability to capture it ALL.

Merren persuaded us to think again about videography and recommended a few options. We watched some of your videos and instantly knew you were right for us. Your films absolutely "capture the chemistry of love in motion." For us it wasn't about the preparation, the clothes or the makeup ... What we wanted to celebrate and remember, was the pure joy of the day and the love that we share.

We were overwhelmed with how Lewa and Chris captured the moments, feelings and emotions, the light, the words, the sounds, the wind and the waves. You have enabled us to share our love with our family and friends, near and far. Every moment is so special, and paying it forward through film provides the missing link through space and time. As we continue on life's journey together we are so lucky that we have our beautiful day captured forever. You made us feel comfortable, you cherished the time we had together and shared our joy. We laughed, we cried, we smiled, we laughed some more and we loved working with you both. We are so glad we invested in the Love Lab, we know our film will bring love and joy for years to come.

Special thanks to Lewa and Chris for all their hard work, communication, vision and very clever videography.

Stay shiny you superstars behind the lens. Tash + Fuzz

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After a lot of searching we came across the amazing work of Lewa and the Love Lab after watching her work and being blown away with the imagery we knew we had found the right person to capture our day. After our first call to chat about the overall vision and ideas we knew we were in incredible hands.

Over the next few months we had so many wonderful connections and planning sessions that cemented an incredible relationship that carried through to our wedding day. Lewa and the team were so incredible and supportive and such a pleasure to work with. True professionals and at the same time like working with close friends. Over the course of our wedding weekend it was like they became part of our family.

We along with anyone we have shown were so blown away with the finished product. It outstripped our expectations and captured everything so perfectly it truly was epic. For both of us it means a lot to have not only incredibly stunning imagery from the day but to have it told in a story that captures our love and relationship.

We knew from the start we wanted to have an incredible video that we can watch over and over again and couldn’t be happier with our decision to work with the Love Lab. We would recommend Lewa and the Love Lab to anyone and everyone 5 stars truly isn’t enough.

Lewa and team from the bottom of our hearts thank you for everything. You have impacted our lives in such a special way and from both us and our families thank you for everything!

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Creatives tend to have a vision in what they want for their wedding day (well life really), and let me tell you when you put creatives in the driving seat for a three day celebration of love with their closest family and friends its sure to be a determined vision!

I met Lewa in Tassie on my reconnaissance mission a couple of months before the wedding and I’m so glad I did. I laid everything on the table, our vision, why we wanted a video and what had lead us in the past 6 years to our wedding day in April. She got it, from that very minute.


She understood us, our vision and our love for each other and our family and friends and managed to make it into the most amazing video of not only our day but our story. We have lost count the times we have watched it already and it brings tears to our eyes every time.

Lewa and her team worked with us to make our video everything we had dreamed of and more. From the aerial shots, the loving glances and the on point sound grabs our video will always hold and special place in our hearts reminding us of our wedding day on Bruny and also our love up to that point.

Lots of Love Kim and Amy

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Both Lewa and Chris were amazing. Truly accommodating and always managing to make us feel comfortable and at ease even though the weather that day could have made us feel extremely miserable. Definitely one of those  individuals you meet and will not forget for the rest of your lives. 


The planning was quite seamless with a high level of professionalism shown by Lewa while corresponding through emails. Top notch and meticulous planning on The Love Labs part made sure there was nothing much else to do on the day itself then just rock up and begin shooting! 


It was definitely the most worth while experience compared to photos or other pre wedding plannings as The Love Lab managed to capture us and our love for one another perfectly. 


I would definitely recommend The Love Lab to anyone out there who is looking for a pre-wedding experience which goes beyond a simple video for keeps sake and excellent professionalism and quality service you can expect from any other vendor.

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It was quite difficult being in Brisbane and organising a wedding in Tasmania and trying to find vendors. When we found the The Love Lab, it "felt right". The way you capture a couples love and turn it in to a cinematic experience is right up our alley!! The team is so easy to work with and I barely noticed you there.


You're like a fly on the wall that captures every intimate detail of the day! When I first saw the video I cried for the first seven times I watched it on repeat. Then I had a break to finish my wine. Watched it another five times and cried even harder. It was so amazing reliving the best day of our lives through the eyes of the The Love Lab.

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We fell in love with The Love Lab's work after travelling to Tasmania for a great friend's wedding. I remember Lucy showed a group of us girls from school the video in a little cafe in Adelaide, we will all in tears by the end of it.


The Love Lab had captured their day so perfectly, and that is the moment I fell in love. I showed Adam and he too loved the style of shooting. From there, we made contact with Lewa who was so lovely from the outset and made us feel at ease.


We felt that she understood us, even from just chatting via Skype. We were always on the same page, she sensed exactly what we wanted out of the film and then depicted the day perfectly. We would describe the team as easy-going, fun, creative and focused. They are so devoted to producing outstanding work and made the whole process for us as a novice couple in front of the camera so comfortable and easy.


We didn't have to think about a thing, they always had it covered. 

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Lewa at The Love Lab could not have done a better job with photographing our wedding day, the way she was able to capture the realness and truth of the day was exactly what we wanted. Each photo tells a story and we could not be happier!!! Such amazing work, thank you so much x x x

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Wow, we cannot speak highly enough of The Love Lab! We watched A LOT of wedding videos in the lead up to our wedding and couldn't go past these guys. From the very start Lewa was amazing to work with, so easy to talk to and listened to our vision while also giving us helpful advice.


On the day the whole team made us feel comfortable and we barely even realised they were there which is what makes their videos so natural and candid.


Our video brought back so many amazing memories and emotions from our day and it was super cool seeing our day through our guests eyes. We would highly recommend The Love Lab to anyone that is thinking about getting a videographer to capture there day - a great investment! Love Hollie and Jake x

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Your ability to capture moments is breathtaking! The whole process was easy and pleasant. The Love Lab team were accommodating and took great interest and time in getting to know both of us.


On the day they were organised and made the filming FUN with lots of laughs - so much so that I've told all my friends who are getting married that the video is probably the most important thing to invest in.


It captures moments, body language, mood etc... we are thrilled with our choice in The Love Lab!

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Hawley Beach

Lewa you where amazing! The contact you kept with me throughout the process was excellent! Your attention to detail and organisation rivaled my own and I loved that. I knew that on the day you would capture the most amazing footage.


In the lead up to the wedding you and your team felt like part of the family and you seamlessly slipped in and out of depending on the moments. You were so respectful on the day of our feelings and emotional states. I remember you taking the time to check in with us about how we were feeling and if we needed a break. It was refreshing.

Words cannot describe how thankful I am that we made the investment of getting our wedding filmed! It is something I will recommend to any future friends or couples when they decide to get married!! I love that in the future we can show our children our wedding and I cannot thank my best friend for telling me to get a videographer!

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